3D Print Your Own Face Shield And Face Masks

3d print your own face shield and face masks

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At in the early start of the COVID-19 crises, PPE was quickly running out or in short supply. Some enterprising people and researchers looked at 3D printers to see how they could be used to help.As many people including researchers have found, the most beneficial use was in creating face masks &...


Covid-19 faq

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Below you will find some useful academic/clinical articles and research paper. Simply click on any of the links below. A new browser tab will be opened up and the selected article will be displayed :-...

Pets & COVID-19

Pets & covid-19

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Latest COVID-19 Virus Info

Latest covid-19 virus info

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Below you will find some useful academic/clinical articles and research papers.  Simply click on the titles below :-COVID-19 INFORMATION Key resources, internal messages, and frequent updates for the Johns Hopkins University community Radiological findings from 81 patients with COVID-...

COVID-19 Delivery Impact

Covid-19 delivery impact

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The global COVID-19 pandemic, as your will have realized has resulted in disruptions to supply chains and deliveries as well to daily life.  We apologies but some products may not be available/subject to delays and deliveries will be affected due to lock-downs, reduced freight flights. We will ...