Jeeback G2 Portable Neck Massager

Jeeback G2 Portable Neck Massager

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Product Description

Quick Summary


Heated massager

Easy control – control via mobile app or using remote control


Key Benefits

Enjoy a gorgeous neck massage at any time & any location



Ease neck pain 

Do you suffer from or know a loved one/friend that has neck aches/pains or spends long periods hunched over a computer or mobile device?

Shocking Facts

Currently, neck pain is becoming more widespread due to a combination of increased computer and mobile use, lack of knowledge and poor workplace ergonomics.

Did you know there are some medical studies that found that up to 70-75 $ of the population will experience neck issues at some point during their lifetime.

Furthermore, in one study the Global Burden of Disease found that neck pain ranks as the 4th leading cause of disability, behind back pain, depression, and arthralgias. Over the course of a lifetime, 50% of the population will experience a clinically important neck pain episode.

Chiropractors in the US are estimated to treat over 35 million patients annually. Neck pain ranks as the 2nd most common reason for all chiropractic visits after back pain, comprising of 24% of all visits.

With chiropathy, when considering best or most effective treatment plan for neck, an analysis of 33 trials revealed that combined mobilization, manipulation, and exercise achieved the best results in neck pain relief. The manipulation of the (thoracic) spine also seems to provide immediate improvement in neck pain. 

Pressure on the neck varies depending on its angle – It more than doubles for every 15 degrees of neck bend. Average human head weighing 12 pounds when upright becomes 60 pounds at a inclined angle.


If you are married to a hard working loved one or relative/ friend, you know they could well be experiencing pain at some point during there working day.  Most people are working long hours at office or more often (this year) at home due to COVID.

Usually they could be dealing with a sore neck or stiffness.  This of course can lead to mental & physical pain. The knock on effect could also be increased irritability, lack of sleep, mood swings as well as reduced quality of life. 

Sports or work injuries can also lead to issues with neck areas.

There are a few standard options that available for neck issues

1. Surgery – not suitable for everyone, has risks not to mention hospitals are super busy dealing with COVID cases and may have long delays for appointments. Also, not everyone likes the prospect of drastic surgery. There may not be space in hospitals due to COVID cases.

2. Medicines from your doctor – could be potentially expensive, have unwanted side effects not to mention in many cases doctors clinics may not be open to see patients.

3. Over the counter medicines from pharmacy/drug store – may also have side effects, not likely to be effective long term, potentially expensive and due to COVID lockdowns, travel restrictions maybe difficult to get hold of.

4. Alternative therapies – chiropractor, acupuncture etc  maybe difficult or not possible to arrange appointments due to lockdowns, enforced reduced business hours, travel restrictions, gone out of business etc


The ideal solution is to get smart Jeeback home neck massager!


This Jeeback G2 massager is ergonomically designed in the shape of the letter U. In addition, its   ends are slightly bent into the shape of the letter L. The thoughtful design means it fits better on the neck and does not slip down.

The thoughtful design means it fits better on the neck and does not slip down.

The old traditional design is U shaped, it’s also unbalanced and thus easy to shift loose around the neck.   


Pain Relief
Helps relief neck issues, pain, stiffness or cramps in a pleasant, easy and side effect free way.





Stylish & Portable

It can be used anywhere that’s convenient – your home office, in bed or resting in the garden. 

It has a minimalist yet elegant inspired design and is available in white only currently. Its dimensions are 140 x 85 x 148 mm and weight only 190 grams. So it's easy to carry, store and you can take it with you everywhere 

Deep Massage and Heating

The Jeeback G2 massager has three well positioned massage heads. There are micro-electrode pads on the heads. The two heads located on the sides are the positive pole and the middle the negative. They can perform a deep massage up to 83 times per minute.

As a great safety feature, if the electrode pads do not touch the skin, the device will automatically turn off after 60 seconds. This also helps to save battery charge.




Hot Compress

Another benefit of the Jeeback G2 is that it can also provide a hot compress, which is a great bonus, especially during the winter/cold spells. 

The max constant temperature is a comfortable 42°C and takes 3 seconds to reach it.

TENS massage

The Jeebackalso offers TENS pulse massage. This can help to relax the muscles in the neck. It uses low frequency pulses below 1000 Hz.

TENS uses low frequency pulses which allow the device to simulate massage techniques such as kneading, scraping and acupuncture. These techniques have up to 15 levels strength so that you can find the most comfortable one.





It's at your fingertips 24/7. Helps relieve pain/neck issues when it suits YOU and when pain issues arise ! No need to worry about long waiting queues, phoning for  appointments or be concerned about travel restrictions.

Usage Duration

The Jeeback G2 has a built-in battery with capacity of 1400 mAh. 

This battery takes up to 3 hours to fully charge.

If you use it daily for 30 minutes, it should last you up 8 days.

After the battery power is used up, you simply recharge it with USB Type – C connector (which is supplied free).





The massager can be controlled 2 ways. 

A remote control powered by a coin-cell battery (DC3V). It can be easily attached to the device with magnets, so you don't have to worry about losing it.

The second way is control via mobile MIJIA APP. The Jeeback G2 can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can then select different modes in the application and start the last saved mode. The interface is intuitive and easy for the user.



A great way to treat sports, work or injuries such as car accident whiplash issues – a common issue.




Product Size

The massager is a convenient size to carry in your coat/ jacket or bag.

It’s max width is 55.1 inch (140 mm) x min width 33.5 inch (85 mm) x length is 58.3 inch (148 mm)


Christmas Season

With Christmas present buying this month, many people will be delighted with a soothing and stylishly designed Jeeback Home Neck Massager.

The science behind this is well known. In your neck, there are two arteries that supply vital blood to your brain. So when you get a neck massages, you're increasing blood flow to your brain.

When this blood flow increases, you'll have less stress, greater mental clarity, and will find that your posture improves not to mention pain relief. This leads to improvements in mood and even better digestion. 

An investment in this Jeeback home neck massager is great for dealing with pain; you'll definitely reap the benefits. This massager will loosen up the tension in your neck muscles, increasing its mobility and allowing you to enjoy your everyday pain-free. So your overall quality of your life will be improved.

Affordable – no need to pay for expensive drugs or hospital treatments where your may be infected by COVID or other diseases. It’s most suitable for adults with neck issues.

Money Saver

The one off price is much less than the average single session of treatment at a ciropractionar, acupuncture clinic, doctors visit etc

Jeeback Home Neck Massager Solution

The massager itself

A mobile app

A remote control

USB cable

Great Present 

This is ideal gift and really beneficial for people who experience 

A lot of tension from high pressure stressed jobs/work  

Suffer from regular migraines

Single people who love neck massages & live alone BUT don’t have a partner to give them soothing massages

Experience constant neck / shoulder / back pain

Work in labour intensive jobs bending over and handling objects

Long hours office/home office based jobs hunched over your computer or mobile devices

Have tight shoulder & muscle issues

Suffered from whiplash injuries in a car accident

May help improve sleep quality  


Colour: White

Item weight: 190 gm

Size: Length 148mm x Width 140mm x Height 85mm 

Control Methods: Mobile App/Remote control

Massaging options: kneading, acupuncture, automatic circulation mode and scraping

Heating mode: Yes

Strength levels: 15

Therapy modes: TENS 

Battery: DC3.7V/ 1400mAh

Input voltage: DC 5V / 6W

Default service time of massager:15 minutes (before auto shut-off)

Battery charge time: 3 hours to charge fully 

Quiescent Current: <100uA

Remote Control Rated Voltage: DC 3V/ 2032 Button Battery


This massager is not suitable for the following cases. Please seek medical advice from your qualified medical professional before you decide to purchase this device.

An implantable device (cardioverter/defibrillator, neurostimulators, bone growth stimulator, indwelling blood pressure monitors).  

Epilepsy. Do not apply electrodes to your head, neck or shoulders. The impulses could cause seizures.

Are pregnant. Do not apply TENS therapy to the abdomen; pelvic area; lower back; or to acupuncture points at the knee, hand or ankle. (However, TENS can be used for labour pain.)

Cancer. Do not apply electrodes to areas of the body where there is known or suspected cancer. Do not use TENS if you have undiagnosed pain and a history of cancer in the last 5 years.

A bleeding (hemorrhagic) disorder or recent or actively bleeding tissue. TENS therapy could increase bleeding at the tissue site or increase the risk of bleeding in persons with bleeding disorders.

Deep vein thrombosis or thrombophlebitis. Do not use TENS therapy as it may increase blood circulation, which may increase the risk of dislodging a blood clot.

In addition, TENS should not be applied:

To infected tissues, wounds due to osteomyelitis or if you have tuberculosis. TENS therapy may result in the spread of infections.

To areas of tissue that have been recently treated with radiation.

To damaged skin (Except for open wounds where the intent is to use electrical stimulation to heal tissue. In these cases, therapy should be guided by a skilled therapist.)

Near reproductive organs or genitals.

To areas of the body that lack or have reduced sensation.

Near or over eyes or mouth.

In persons who have trouble communicating or who have mental impairment and cannot provide feedback to ensure the safe use of TENS.

If you have any current or past health issues, or any concerns or questions, always check with your healthcare provider before using TENS.

Delivery Info

Device Care

The Jeeback home neck massager should be unplugged before cleaning or using 

Wipe with a damp cloth

Do not drop into water or other liquids

Do not use while driving, bathing, or showering 

Store in a safe, dry and cool place 

Delivered Item

1 x Boxed massager containing

1 x Neck Massager 

1 x Remote Control

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Charging Cable 


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Q Does it use electric pulses or is massage movement genuine?

A It uses electric pulses.


Q Language in application is in English or Chinese?

A You can select English as well as other languages.


Q Where can download the app for Android? Cannot find it in App Store ?

A Go to Google Play store and enter the search term “Xiaomi home” (i.e. without the quotes).  Download and install. 


Q How does the app connect to the massager

A It uses Bluetooth connection.


Q How to connect to the app?

First, please set your APP server region to be Chinese mainland.

Then, find the massager under the Health listing. Device name is G2 Spinal comfort neck massager.

Q How to connect the remote from the kit?

A Press the massager button for a short time press to activate the connection to the remote, a long press activates the connection to the application.


Q Can it work with music players via Bluetooth.

A The massager does not come with speakers. You will need to use a mobile phone or other external speakers in conjunction with a music app.


Q Does the massager come with a main power plug?

A No. It is charged with USB so no need for a mains plug.


Q When does the massager turn of?

A It will turn off in the cases below

- When the massager runs out of power, it will auto turn off.

- The massager has a default setting that it will automatically shut off after 15 minutes.

- When using it, if you take off the massager and leave it without any operation for 60 seconds, the massager will automatically turn off.


Q Will there be some pain when using the massager?

A The jeeback neck Massager uses low - frequency Tens pulse, so you would feel a slight electric flow. Worry not, it won’t harm you. In addition, Jeeback is built with three nodes, which is ergonomic and won’t cause piercing pain.